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GP Diecasting, which was grounded in 1993, carries out the manufacture of parts from aluminum and zinc alloys with the use of pressure die casting method and provides CNC machining services. Produced parts are exported to Switzerland, United States, England, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand and especially to Germany. They are also utilized in many industries among the local market.

A Quality Management System is practiced in our company, where it has been prepared in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 accords. The system is continuously updated in order to improve the overall quality. Processes such asSPC, FMEA, PPAP and MSA are implemented meticulously to increase the production quality, to prevent possible faults and for traceability.

In addition to these, Spectral Analysis equipment, metal microscope for material analysis, 3D measurement equipment and hardness measurement equipment are used in our company.


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Service Areas


Aluminum or zinc alloys, which have been melted under controlled temperature, are injected inside the casting molds under high pressure during the pressure die casting process. Cast parts with varying dimensions and weights are manufactured in the GP molding workshop, where these parts are addressed by different sectors. The cold chamber metal injection presses available within the machinery are the processing equipment which are up to date products of the latest technology and which have been designed for perfection. The aluminum and zinc alloys used for the manufacture are analyzed regularly. Parts, which are produced through the pressure die casting method, are utilized in many industrial branches. Our company, which is constantly in contact with the customers, exchanges information mutually, regarding the technical details. Our objective is to form a customer portfolio that would be happy to work with us and would have confidence in us, as a result of providing the best services from our side.


Our technical workforce, who possesses strong capabilities of modeling with the support of Solidworks and Esprit software and of technical drawing reading, can provide alternative solutions to the requirements of the customers. CNC vertical machining center, lathe, milling machines, erosion machines and grinding machines are available in the molding room. Our company, which brings the precise tools, high tech machines and the high level of mold design judgment all together, provides rapid solutions with precision, in order to fulfill the requirements of our customers.

Designing process is generally carried out via the completion of the engineering work following the implementation of the industrial design process of the product and to carry the product over to the production phase. Integration of novelties that are brought in by the developed technology within the period of time is followed quite closely. The objectives are reducing the production costs and the production time during this integration, as well as increasing the product quality while implementing these. The path to be followed in order to achieve these objectives should be minimizing the engineering time, using of the flexibility and potential of the computing environment in the best possible way since this is the requirement for the current system integration, in addition to increasing the contribution of the digital environment during this process. Also, periodical maintenance of molds for parts that are used for the molding process is carried out.

  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Quick Mold
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing

Trimming, Deburring and Sand Blasting

Trimming presses, sand blasting units and various other machines are available in the plant to be used for additional operations. .

Surface Finishing, Drying and Polishing

Surface finishing processes such as deburring, surface abrading, degreasing, drying and polishing are applied for all of the parts following the pressure die casting operation.

All of these operations are performed at the same place.

Smooth and clean surfaces can be obtained with the use of bowl type and centrifugal type surface treatment machines and with the use of vibration type driers and sand blasting machines.

6 units of CNC vertical machining center, CNC lathe, drills and other required machines are available within the plant.

The experienced workforce of Guven Pres Dokum processes complex parts that have sensitive tolerances in the shortest time possible and with the high rate of processing quality and with high rate of productivity through the support of CAD-CAM and advanced technology CNC vertical machining centers.

Designing and production of new products or parts are carried out in line with the requirements of the customers.

Complete service is provided ranging from designing and engineering activities to the production, assembly, quality control and packaging.

Some examples of products manufactured for the defense industry;



We follow the integration of novelties brought in by the developing technology in to the system meticulously. You can watch a few sample videos about our production phases at the side.

Quality Management System and R&D

Our company, which is responsive to requirements and expectations of the customer, has adopted the total quality management concept as its life philosophy.

Our quality journey, where we have started with the compliance certificate for ISO 9001:2000 in 2004, is still continuing with the same stability and determination. A quality system that has been prepared in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and which is continuously updated for improving the total quality, is implemented in our company.

Processes such as SPC (Statistical Process Control), FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis), PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), MSA (Measurement System Analysis) …etc. are implemented very delicately in order to raise the production quality, to avoid possible faults and for the traceability.

In our company;

Spectral Analysis equipment, 3D measurement equipment and hardness measurement equipment for pre and post production controls,

Microscope to be used for R&D, sample preparation and forming on Bakelite equipment for examination under microscope are available.

All of the processes from inflow of the raw material to the product delivery is kept under control carefully and R&D activities are implemented for the purpose of continuous improvement.


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